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Romania elects 10 Social Democratic MEPs

Romania elects 10 Social Democratic MEPs
30 November 2007

[from PES]
A big welcome from the PES to the 10 Social Democratic MEPs elected in Romania’s first ever European elections!
New MEPs (Romania has had non-elected MEPs since it joined the EU on 1 January 2007) include PSD secretary general Titus Corlatean, PSD international secretary Victor Bostinaru and Catalin Nechifor.
Returning MEPs are Adrian Severin, Rovana Plumb, Daciana Sarbu, Silvia Ticau, Ioan Mircea Pascu, Gabriela Cretu and Corina Cretu.
The PSD got over 28% of the vote – making it the second party after the EPP-affiliated PD party of President Basescu. The turnout was a less than 30 per cent! The far-right Greater Romania Party did not make the 5% threshold.
PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen said “It is good to welcome back some old friends and to have some new blood too. In the difficult political circumstances in Romania, the PES is glad that ten MEPs were elected from the Social Democrats. I know they will make an excellent contribution to the European Parliament.”

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