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Via Europa. Partidos Europeus?

European political parties

Published Friday, November 30, 2007 at 11:38

European political parties can play an important role in shaping European democracy and therefore they should play an important part in our manifesto theme on European Democracy and Diversity. In order to start a discussion, I would like to present two short texts. One is a translated paragraph from the new SPD (German social democrats) manifesto "Hamburg Programme". It is taken from the chapter "Democratic Europe". The second text is composed of a few paragraphs drawn up by me.
1.) This is a quote from the German social democrats on "Democratic Europe":
European democracy requires a European public scope. European media, organizations of civil society, social partners, but even strong European political parties are indispensable for this. Our aim is to develop the Social Democratic Party of Europe to become a functioning members’ and program party. We are favouring the elaboration of a program of social democratic principles for Europe. In the elections to the European Parliament we want to present a pan-European candidate.
If you are interested in reading the whole chapter, you can download the SPD "Hamburg Programme" here
2.) This would be my suggestion for PES statements on representative democracy in the EU:
Strong European parties which put up different models of society in EU elections are a fundamental condition for a democratic Europe. Only if the citizens can understand their options and the consequences of their vote, the electorate has a true and democratic influence on institutions.The target of the European socialist family is to empower citizens to identify the consequences of their EU vote upon their societies.
Europe's socialist parties assume the responsability to elaborate a clear socialist model of society in EU elections which is analogue to political chromatics on national level. The PES has elaborated and is promoting an election program which defines a social and progressive European Union.
We believe that European parties should always consider the European principal of subsidiarity and their policies should reflect the consequences of European lawmaking to national, regional and local level. Therefore Europe's socialist family believes in the benefit of a European party of parties. At the same time the PES activates individual members to discuss EU politics and the PES vision for the New Social Europein their regional and local frame. Their experience should be reflected in our definition for a social and progressive EU.
In my eyes this is what we, as a European party, can offer citizens and we should promote such a statement in the next elections. Now I am looking forward for your comments and amendments!

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