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PES activists Update

Sign a call to action for Decent Work – Decent Life!

Despite a world economic boom, half of the world's workforce still earn less than 2 US dollars a day. 200 million children under the age of 15 work instead of going to school. To mobilise your government, sign the call to action for Decent Work.

The call to action has a strong support in the in the progressive community. Read more

PES policy brief No. 10

The PES has created the PES policy brief for members of the PES family, bringing together the latest information on the EU agenda with a particular focus on social democratic priorities.
Now this source of information is available for PES activists giving them the opportunity to learn about PES policies and strategies. Read the latest policy brief

Yourspace goes to the states

America is gripped by SuperTuesday. And so they should be. Two years ago it would have been impossible to imagine that the main contenders for the President of the USA would be a woman and a black man. Today all America is talking about Clinto n versus Obama.

Since Monday Yourspace is reporting from the meetings PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen and other PES politicans are having in the States, and be providing more meat about the US policy debates. Thanks too for the questions posted so far - we'll do our best to get answers....

Newsletter from PES activists Portugal

PES activists in Portugal have published their second newsletter on their activities as PES activists. Learn about their policy input, campaigns, actions and events (File in English only).

Help Zapatero win the Spanish elections

Young socialists from all over Europe are invited to take part in the Spanish national elections campaign! Leading up to Election Day (9 March) young activists will be campaigning together with PSOE Youth - promoting Zapatero’s vision on Europe. The costs for the trip and stay of the 20 participants will be covered.

More information
Watch the Youtube call of Javier Moreno to campaign for Zapatero

You can help stop cervical cancer

Yesterday Zita Gurmai, President of PES Women, signed a Europe-wide petition to stop cervical cancer. The Yourspace team went to the signing ceremony at the European Parliament to ask the participants what they think the PES manifesto should say about women's health:

You can help stop cervical cancer - sign the petition here.

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